Q: What do I need to bring?

A: For your first session, just wear something comfortable you can kick in, bring a towel, and if you have boxing gloves and hand wraps, bring them along too. To save time, you can complete the medical questionnaire and waiver online:

Mulwaree Muay Thai Waiver & Indemnity Agreement  

Mulwaree Muay Thai Medical History Form

Forward the signed forms by email to darcy@mulwareemuaythai.com or print them and bring them along to your first class.

Q: I don’t have gloves, can I come anyway?

A: Of course, we are happy supply gloves for your first few visits, but after that, we recommend purchasing gloves – we have quality gloves available for purchase, or you can find gloves at any boxing supplies store. It’s like using someone else’s shoes, so it’s not something you want to do permanently.

Q: How fit do I need to be?

A: You don’t need to be in really good shape. You should be reasonably fit and in good health. There is no pressure to train very hard. If you feel you’ve done enough, you can stop and rest at any time.

Q: What does Muay Thai training consist of?

Our training programs will differ, but usually consist of the following:

  • Running: Muay Thai fighters run. Running builds stamina, endurance & cardio conditioning to prepare for a 5 round Muay Thai fight. Running program is not mandatory, (apart from those preparing for a fight) but strongly suggested.
  • Warm Up: Running on mats, skipping, calisthenics, stretching. Warming up is important to prepare the body for peak performance and to minimize risk of injury.
  • Shadow Boxing: Shadowboxing helps develop neuromuscular familiarity in executing different physical movements in fighting sports. loosen up the muscles and joints. It prepares not just the muscles but also the nervous system. It improves footwork, coordination and muscle stabilization, technique visualization, cardio and conditioning.
  • Technique Class: Instruction and correction on various techniques and combinations by the trainer.
  • Boxing Sparring: Controlled sparring with 16-18oz gloves and mouthguard, focusing purely on boxing.
  • Muay Thai Sparring: Controlled Sparring with 16-18oz gloves, shin pads and mouth guard, working on offense and defense using punches, kicks, clinching and knees.
  • Pad work: Rounds of hitting pads with our Muay Thai trainer, working on developing correct technique, speed, power and stamina.
  • Bag work: Rounds of working techniques on muaythai heavy bags.
  • Clinching: Clinching with a training partner, working on gaining positions of control throws and light knees (using the inside of the thigh to strike with to prevent injuries during training)
  • Conditioning: Drills on the bag, pull ups, push ups, sit ups
  • Cooldown: Calisthenics and stretching to improve flexibility and help the body recover from the hard training.

Q: How do I pay for classes online?

If you pay online, please bring your receipt to the class, or forward the email confirmation to darcy@mulwareemuaythai.com.

Q: Can I pay in person?

Yes. Please pay before class begins. We accept credit cards, paypal and cash.

Q: Do I have to spar?

No. If you are not comfortable sparring, you don’t have to.

Q: Can I fight for the gym?

If your goal is to be a fighter, and you are willing to put in the time and effort, we will assess your ability and find you a suitable opponent when you are ready. All fighters need to be registered with the Combat Sports Authority prior to having their first fight. More details can be found here.

Q: What boxing gloves should I get?

16oz boxing gloves are required if you want to spar or do partner training. 10oz-12oz are recommended for bag work and pad work.

Q: What equipment do I need to spar?

If you want to spar you DEFINATLEY need a mouthguard, 16oz gloves and shin pads. This is mandatory. Optionally, you might want to get a groin guard or headguard.

Q: What should I wear?

Classes are conducted in bare feet, but you need running shoes for cardio work. You can wear whatever you want, however long pants will restrict your ability to kick.

Q: Where can I get equipment from?

We have sourced some high-quality martial arts gear that we make available to our members.