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Are you looking to lose weight, get fit and enjoy yourself while doing it? Muay Thai is the number #1 Martial Art for weight loss! Mulwaree Muaythai in Goulburn can offer you personal 1-on-1 training, or join in with group sessions and start your weight-loss journey in Goulburn today!

The Sustainable Weight Loss Conundrum

Who knows how hard it is to achieve weight loss and body composition change (less fat!) in time for a wedding, holiday or class reunion? Did your window to get in shape for this summer come and go once again?

There are a multitude of issues when it comes to successful loss of fat that stays lost.

Are you in the right mind frame to diet? Is your nutrition on point? Are you exercising? Do you actually enjoy the exercise you are undertaking?

Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss

Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss

The last point is something that needs to be addressed in any weight loss program.

Weight loss is simple. In theory. If the energy you intake (food) each day adds up to less than the energy output (exercise, digesting food, tapping your fingers etc) then you will lose weight.

In practice, however, it is a lot more complicated than the magazines would have you believe.

How are you expected to continue with your exercise program, to aid in the ‘energy output’ part of the previous equation, if you don’t enjoy the time you spend doing it?  Your exercise program could range from 3 – 5 hours a week and that is too much time spent doing something you hate.

Who wants to stand on a treadmill for 45 minutes, 4 times a week and do nothing but glance at the clock (which is conveniently placed right in front of your face) every 2 minutes until you finally get to go home?

Enter Muay Thai.

Despite its (deservedly) fearsome reputation in the world of martial arts, when it comes to entry level participating it is actually a buzzing community full of people of all ages, background and ability.

It is known as the ‘Art of 8 Limbs’ and just from the name you know it is a full body experience!

The training is intense but it is worth the physical investment. Every session you will build on what you have learned previously.

Balance will improve, your reactions will become more instantaneous, your hand-eye co-ordination will be enhanced and you will become better, stronger, faster. Like a Muay Thai Six Million Dollar Man (or woman).

You will be enjoying yourself so much you won’t even regard it as exercise. Plus, all of these new skills, techniques and friends will be acquired whilst increasing your ‘Energy Out’ (remember the input/output equation?).

Boom. Sustainable weight loss.

Even if you were to change nothing else about your life, just by taking up Muay Thai you will automatically increase energy output creating an energy deficit meaning weight loss will occur (unless you are putting away some serious calories every day! Yes, I’m looking at you, professional hot dog eater). You can still sit at a desk all day, you can still have cornflakes for breakfast, a meal deal for lunch and an oven lasagna for dinner but, unless you are putting some serious calories away, adding Muay Thai into the mix can lead to significant changes in body composition.

Hit the Contact Us link. It will take two seconds. Get in touch with us and get down for a beginner’s class. You might just like it. If you don’t, you’ve lost nothing and tried something new.

Are you ready to start your Weight-Loss journey and Change Your Life?

Then don’t wait, contact us and start your training today!

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Level: Beginner
TimeFrame: Monday, Thursday, Friday
Time: 3 Days a Week
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