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Strength and Conditioning is an essential component of fighter training. Fighters need to be strong to endure intensive fighter training sessions, and absorb the punishment that is doled out in the boxing ring. Muay thai classes at Mulwaree Muay Thai Goulburn incorporate basic strength and conditioning programming into classes, varying it up to provide an interesting and fun training sessions.

Caveats Worth Mentioning

“Our Muay Thai Training class incorporates Strength & Conditioning elements designed to improve strength, power, agility, explosiveness and muscle endurance!.”

Strength and conditioning based training improves the physical components that determine sports performance success.  Methods to improve strength, power, agility, explosiveness, muscle endurance will all be incorporating into our training classes and explained how they can improve your athletic performance.

Participants need NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE to train in muay thai with strength and conditioning components in Goulburn at Mulwaree Muay Thai Boxing Gym –  ALL ARE WELCOME to attend.


Class Trainer


Darcy is an active fighter, with over 30 years martial arts experience. A true martial artist, ...


Class Information

Level: Beginner to Advanced
TimeFrame: Monday, Thursday, Friday
Time: 3 Days a Week
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