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We are looking to build a Mulwaree muaythai fight team. Whether you have already had a few fights, or are looking to have your first fight, we are keen to train you. Mulwaree Muaythai is a Combat Sports Authority NSW registered muaythai gym and we have a CSA NSW registered trainer. We can choose the best opponent for you, coach you and get you fighting for the gym.

We ave previous experience working with International muaythai champions and Australian champions.

“If you have ever wanted to become a fighter, or simply test yourself in the ring, we can make your goals reality.”


We run a later session for fighters – this session is more self-driven and doesn’t linger on the basics. It’s assumed that students already have an understanding of fundamental punching and kicking technique, along with bag work, pad work and clinching, and have their own equipment.

Of course, if you simply can’t attend the earlier session due to work/family/life etc. you are welcome to attend this session instead.

If you want to fight for the gym, you will need to be fit and attend ALL classes. You will also need to train outside of classes, including running/skipping/riding and weight training.

Muaythai fighters will typically run everyday – roadwork forms the basis of all professional martial arts training. A muaythai fighter would typically be running every morning 5-10kms and every afternoon before training another 5-10kms.

If you are interested in fighting for the gym, let us know – contact us here or drop by and inquire about joining our team!

All fighters must be registered with the Combat Sports Authority of NSW, find more details about registering online here.

Class Trainer


Darcy is an active fighter, with over 30 years martial arts experience. A true martial artist, ...


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Level: Amateur - Professional
TimeFrame: Monday, Thursday, Friday
Time: 730pm - 830pm
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