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Don’t for one second think that combat martial art sports in Goulburn like Muay thai are just for men and fighters; women can also experience and enjoy the benefits of this exciting workout.

If you’d like to increase your fitness level and stamina, lose weight or tone up – our muay thai training gym is the place for you. Building strength is not only healthy but it makes you look great as well. As you know, fighters work hard to stay light, strong and lean; they place a lot of emphasis on cardio and endurance and are always in peak physical shape, which is what makes Muay Thai and kickboxing training in Goulburn ideal for women.

Learn the latest moves, work your body, and kick some butt at our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes in Goulburn. You’ll meet lots of different people, and you’ll have fun getting fit. With Mulwaree Muay Thai & Fitness you’ll reach your fitness goals sooner – whether you want to lose fat, get fitter and firmer, or simply master some self-defense techniques.

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Darcy is an active fighter, with over 30 years martial arts experience. A true martial artist, ...


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Level: Beginner to Advanced
TimeFrame: Monday, Thursday, Friday
Time: 3 Days a Week
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