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Our goal at Mulwaree Muay Thai in Goulburn is to create an all-inclusive environment that welcomes people at all levels of fitness and skill. From Beginner to Advanced with multiple fights, we feel everyone can benefit from training side by side.

Muay Thai is similar to kick boxing in that you use kicks and punches to strike. It differs in that it has a long history and tradition in Thailand, and also utilizes elbow and knee strikes and the “clinch” to control your opponent.

Mulwaree Muay Thai looks to train all these skills in combination with basic fitness training.

Our training environment

“A friendly fun environment where you can train as hard or as relaxed as you want.”


Your desire to get fit and learn new skills shouldn’t be bound to whats available when you finish work, or what time you can make the class. In creating a relaxed, self-motivated training environment, we allow students to arrive late or leave early – you get out what you put in at the end of the day. If you arrive late, you just warm up on your own and then jump in with the class. If you want to FIGHT for the GYM, you will be expected to TRAIN HARDER, TRAIN FREQUENTLY and put in the TIME and EFFORT.

Drop in and check out our gym – we have a relaxed, but professional atmosphere and good facilities. Get a feel for our training vibe and style and have a chat to our head trainer Darcy Sullivan. We will strive to make all new students COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT that they have chosen the RIGHT GYM to train MUAY THAI.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Class Trainer


Darcy is an active fighter, with over 30 years martial arts experience. A true martial artist, ...


Class Information

Level: Beginner
TimeFrame: Monday, Thursday, Friday
Time: 3 Days a Week
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